Video is a fun medium, which allows some real punch when it comes to overall effect. Unfortunately it's also one of the most limiting when it comes to delivery over the web. Some of the impact is definitely lost in providing these on the web in such a small format, but hopefully it will give you a taste of wonderful moments they capture and evoke (without taking forever to download!)

Video 1Three Days in DecemberVideo 4Video 5

Three Days In December
[In The Bleak Midwinter, 2007, 2m:37s]
Evening of Debauchery Music Video
[Nowhere With You, 2006, 3m:12s]
Davefest Compilation Video [In My Life, 2005, 3m:05s]
Giveaway DVD Credits [Time Of Your Life, 2005, 2m:49s]
Giveaway Legacy Compilation Video [The River, 2005, 4m:27s]
Giveaway Legacy Documentary [Interviews, 2005, 31m:09s]  
I'd Buy That For A Dollar
[The Story of Murky Sea Bucks, 2005, 9m:14s]
Giveaway Cutting Room Floor [DVD Outtakes, 2005, 6m:19s]
Giveaway Art & Design [You're So Cool, 2005, 4m:02s]
Dave's Father's Day Video [Tough Little Boys, 2004, 4m:09s]  
Jeffco Revisited: 15 Years Later [So Far Away, 2004, 4m:20s]  
Giveaway 2004 Video [When I Am King, 2004, 2m:34s]  
Giveaway 2003 Video [Keep That Funk Alive, 2003, 2m:34s]
Giveaway Puppets Commercial [Kiss, 2002, 2m:16s]
Giveaway 2000 Video [Give A Little Bit, 2000, 4m:18s]  
Mr C's Retirement Video [Interviews, 2000, 2m:25s]  
Hallowe'en Highlights [Thriller, 1999, 0m:45s]    
Proof That Lee's On Crack [Interview, 1999, 0m:41s]    
The Jeffco Giveaway [I Could Not Ask For More, 1999, 2m:35s]   
Jeffco Compilation Video [You Win Again, 1993, 3m:59s]    
Christmas Video Highlights [The Way To Your Heart, 1990, 4m:07s]    
Christmas Video Montage
[Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, 1990, 4m:29s]
The Jeffco End-of-Year Video
[The Rainbow Connection, 1989, 3m:16s]

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