I tend to do a number of logos along the way, especially reworking older ones, though I won't include any of those here, since I can't credit the original artists. Most often I take older logos and 'spiff them up' a bit, or modernize them and make them clean and vector, but here are a handful I've done over the years that are all me.

Olympic Mortgages Draft Logo for CPEIA WholeHome logo As Good As New Logo Anarchy International Logo Samantha's Sweet Boutique Logo Camp Crook Logo As Good As New Logo Team Chris Logo Early Bird Logo Voice OVer IP Security Logo Dinardo Printing Logo Wonky Pots Logo Bullshift LogoEmma Erp LogoCross LogoInukshuk logoJeffco Movie Nights LogoNorthern Dog LogoLegion Early Bird LogoRattle Me Bones LogoTrillium LogoTeam Chris Logo Jeffco Invitational Giveaway Logo