Jeffco T-Shirts


Jeffco Productions is known for making more than a shirt or two in our history. Heck, we even have a facebook group called "I Still Have My Jeffco Shirt" (Join us if you've got one!). So it only seemed fitting that we include a page here highlighting some of the designs used for Jeffco shirts, be they for the giveaway, snow sculpture team, cottage parties, whatever. Hopefully as technology progresses, you'll be able to download these designs and print up your own versions to add to your wardrobe, or replace a long lost collector's item from your closet. (But please, send us a picture if you do!)

Designs below are available in vector PDF format, so you can download and print your own versions for personal use.

Wobbly Man ShirtJeffco ShirtGiveaway T-Shirt Giveaway T-ShirtMurky Sea ShirtJeffco ShirtHigh School Silk ScreenJeffco ShirtAbsolut Hollywood Shirt