Jeffco Studio

The Jeffco Studio is a bit of a misnomer. While the Jeffco Productions pages have generally been about group efforts, for the most part, the studio section is just Jeff.

Jeff is a part-time illustrator, animator, editor, painter, designer, trainer and consultant, but also a full-time artist. The many different hats allows Jeff to know quite a bit about a lot and be able to offer real solutions with good practical knowledge of what is needed and how projects should be approached. To that end, Jeff offers his consultation and advice to project managers and designers he's worked with before who are looking for the best way to approach a project and give the client what they want.

If you're looking for more information on Jeff or work he's done or doing, keep checking this website, contact him directly — .

Illustration – Several of the different styles and looks of images I've had the priveledge of creating for clients.

Printing – Various brochures, pamphlets, manuals, and other printed materials I've had the pleasure of designing.

Logos – Some of the logos I've done recently, and some from long ago.

Photo Retouching – Samples of retouching photos. Sadly the best examples will never be shown, since no one ever wants their 'before' pictures revealed.

Web Design – Lots of different looks and functionalities for a very varied clientel.

E-Learning – Examples from a number of the e-learning courses and modules I've worked on.

Video – Some of the many videos from the Jeffco archives.

Paintings – Digital, physical, whatever. Always a pleasure to create new images.

Drawings – Nothing beats creating lines from nothing.

DVD Design – A number of the samples of DVD covers I've designed for various projects.

Weddings – Somehow I became a go-to wedding guy. Invitations, photos, layouts, fabrics, designs, I've done a little of everything.

Jeffco T-Shirts – T-shirts are a medium all their own. This is only a small sample of the many t-shirts that I've gotten to make.

CD Covers/Labels – Mostly for fun, there was no excuse for having naked CDs.

Flash/Multimedia –  Back in it's heyday. Flash had incredible potential. Check out some of the fun games, interactive quizzes and lively animations I had the pleasure of working on.