Official Giveaway Rules


The Giveaway has had several rule changes through the years as we grew and learned and tweaked. From the very beginning though, the basic principles has been the same. Here are the rules which are currently used at the event.




Rule No. 1

Only fun people can attend. Not fun? Don’t come.


Rule No. 2

Play fair. Remember, anything you’re bringing to sell or auction is something you don’t want anymore. Don’t get upset if people offer you less than you think something’s worth.


Rule No. 3

Play nice. Anyone caught cheating, stealing, or shortchanging others will have all their money taken and their bids won’t be accepted.


Rule No. 4

“Bidding blocks” should be kept to a minimum. Combining your money with family members or friends to get more and buy the stuff you want is fine, but if we feel a group continually has an unfair advantage, we’ll stop taking their bids to keep things fair.


Rule No. 5

All Murky Sea Bucks must be returned at the end of the auction (so spend them while you’re there, because they’re worthless when it’s all done!)


Rule No. 6

Management reserves the right to set prices, refuse bids, or otherwise cheat on a whim.