How It Works


1. Gather up all of the items you no longer want (working, clean and unbroken items only please). This year there is no early drop off at Jeff’s house (frankly, he wants his garage back) although arrangements can be made for people unable to attend the day of the giveaway.

2. You can sort, gather and put these items together in a way that would make them most appealing for others if you’d like.

3. Bring your items to the Giveaway location on the day of the Giveaway, where you will be met by one of the Giveaway organizers who will look at your items and offer to buy the best items from you for Murky Sea Bucks (Giveaway currency). The more they buy, the more money you get to bid and buy with. Items bought by the organizers are whisked away and kept out of sight for auctioning later.

4. You will be given an area where you can put the rest of your Giveaway items. Now, you have three options:

  • You can drop the items off for the Salvation Army and walk away, or
  • You can drop the items off in an area where other guests can take what they want and you just walk away, or
  • You can set up your items on a table and you can attempt to sell, trade or give away the items you have to earn even more money to bid with.

5. Spend some time walking around, talking with other people and looking at their stuff, to see if there’s anything you’d like to buy from them directly. Feel free to haggle or make deals to get all of the stuff you want for a price you like (Murky Sea Bucks only!). Bonus cash and mystery boxes will be offered for the most creative, interesting and active sellers. Sales will wrap up somewhere around 2 or 2:30 depending on how it's going. Then take a moment to say hi to everyone who's there.

6. Later in the afternoon, around 3:00, Jeff will begin auctioning off all the items that were bought when you arrived. Remember, this is the best of the best stuff so there will no doubt be some really good stuff in there, and that’s why it’s worth your time to sell your own stuff to others, because any money you make from the sales is more money you have to bid with. This will make for a much shorter, but more interesting and competitive auction.

7. Once everything is sold and distributed, join us for a great barbecue dinner. Anyone interested in contributing food or snacks for the meal is welcome. Be sure to let us know what you’d like to bring, and if there are any special dietary requirements we should know about.

8. At the end of the day, when all the selling is done and all the items are snapped up, people can have one last look and take anything which wasn’t sold and take them home for free. Everything left after that, which is still of value, will be sent directly to the Salvation Army to be sold in their stores or distribute as necessary.