Jeffco Productions provides many of the templates used in our projects for anyone who wants to download and use them. No guarantees or warrantees are provided with these templates. If you don't like them, feel free to make your own. If you have feedback however, feel free to share. Some of these templates are quite old and have been used forever without updating, so maybe they could use some freshening up. Let us know.


Downloadable Files

So why is almost everything EPS now, instead of AI?
Quite simply, because EPS is not as proprietary a format. Adobe Illustrator can open EPS, but not all programs can open Illustrator (AI) files. Files have been converted to EPS (instead of AI) so that more programs can open and work with these files (thought Adobe programs are still the best to use if you can afford them). I've also added PDF and JPG files for logo files in case some people don't have the necessary programs.

CD Backer
CD Backer
(EPS, One page sheet with two CD backers, 148K)

CD Cover
CD Cover (EPS, One page sheet with a CD backer and a jewel case insert, 136K)

CD Envelope
CD Envelope (EPS, Printable page to fold and cut to envelope a CD, 160K)

CD Label
CD Label (EPS, Page layout for use with CD Stomper labels, 156K)

Envelope (EPS, Resizable envelope shape which can be printed and cut out, 256K)

CD Backer
CD Backer (PSD, A basic layoutof a CD Jewel case backer insert, 1.1M)

CD Label
CD Label (PSD, Can be imported into cdlabel.eps above to print, 432K)

CD Cover
CD Cover (PSD, Page layout of single-fold jewel case insert, 704K)

DVD Slim Cover
DVD Slim Case (INDD CS5, JPG, PDF, slim-size DVD keep case)

CD Envelope
DVD Box (PSD CS, Standard size DVD keep case, incl DVD logo & UPC, 1M)

Booklet Layout
Booklet Layout (INDD, Adobe Indesign Template for a basic 13 page booklet, 564K)

Bottled Water Label
Water Bottle Label (EPS, Sample Label for use on standard water bottles, 832K)

Parental Advisory Label
Parental Advisory Label (EPS, JPG, PDF – Advisory Label for all your explicit CDs or DVDs)

DVD ROM logo
DVD-Rom Logo (EPS, JPG, PDF – Logo for use with DVDs with DVD-Rom content)

DVD Video Logo
DVD-Video (EPS, JPG, PDF – Logo for use with DVDs with video only)

CD Envelope
UPC Code (EPS, JPG, PDF – Universal Product Code sample)


Sorry folks, taking down the movie rating graphics. They're not hard to make yourself and I'm getting a little concerned about someone objecting...


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